Friday, March 27, 2009

Excited about spreading the word

I am looking forward to going to Toronto and Calgary in April to offer Yoga for Fertility Instructor Training and Fitness Fertility Specialist Certification courses.

About 8 years ago when my fertility journey began there was very little support available and I struggled to find healthy and natural ways to enhance my fertility. Thankfully I was teaching yoga and I found an acupuncturist that focused on women's health. Both of which I believe helped me conceive my son.

When I first starting teaching Yoga for Fertility classes I discovered right away the healing power it gave women. Dealing with fertility challenges is often a very isolating journey. The moment women sit down in the class, they look around and feel a sense of relief and belonging. They realize they are not alone. I have created a healing community for women and couples where they can safely explore the ups and downs of their fertility journey. I have seen these classes transform their experience from one of desparation and confusion to one of hope, faith and trust. It is almost like turning on a light switch. Turning them on to another way of living through fertility. It moves me so deeply and I am honoured to be witness to their transformation.

I have a vision of Yoga for Fertility classes being available all over the world. A vision of creating a community of support for clients in every area. It has already begun to expand. There are now Yoga for Fertility classes in Ontario, New York, BC and soon Calgary. I am but one pebble thrown in the water that creates a ripple effect that just keeps expanding. When I set my mind to something and believe it with my whole heart, anything is possible.

I have given birth to my vision now I just need to continue to nurture it as it expands and grows. My next vision is aligning my mind, body and soul to conceive my baby. She is close. She is ready. Now I can step back and begin to channel my creative energy toward my own conception. I am close. I am ready!

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