Monday, February 16, 2009

What are you holding on to?

Well it is my first morning back home and I am grateful to practice my morning yoga again in my own sacred space. Although I did spend time meditating and practicing yoga while I was in Toronto, the hotel room was small and my grandparents liked to watch the news a lot, so the energy was very different. My practice this morning was incredible. I went in to explore some tension that had been growing in intensity in the last 5 days. I was on my back in a gentle knees to side twist and discovered a triangle of tension in my body. The points of the triangle were from my right hip, to my liver and my uterus. I asked what thoughts were associated with the points of the triangle because they were the most intense areas of discomfort. In my liver I was holding shame, my uterus was fear and my right hip was "I am not safe". One by one I release those thoughts and asked for healing. A few memories can up so I was able to forgive another and myself. I felt complete on that side so I moved my knees to twist in the other direction. As I settled into the twist on this side I noticed another triangle of tension. This time it involved my stomach, pubic bone and liver. Again I asked what thoughts were associated with each point. In my stomach the thought was "I am not good enough". This is a old deep seeded belief I have that I have been releasing in layers so it was an easy one to give over for healing. In my liver the thought was "you can't see me". It is related to my fear of showing others who I really am. If they really knew me they wouldn't like me or would judge me. Again another layer of an old belief that was easy to release and heal. When I brought my awareness to my pubic bone and the shame I was holding there, I began to see images of memories. As I asked for healing I mentioned I was willing to release the shame on a deep cellular level. I could tell I was holding this negative energy around shame deep in my body. My legs began to shake as the energy moved out of my body. I allowed my body to shake in whatever way it needed to. It was a uncontrolled shaking similar to the shaking you would experience when you are really cold. It lasted at least 10 minutes and it gradually stopped. As I released the posture my entire pelvis and hips felt relaxed. Tension I had been holding in my hip melted away and I could feel the blood and energy flowing. My uterus was completely relaxed and I could feel this incredible "space" in my pelvic area.

I remember when I began to practice energetic healing in combination with yoga therapy with my clients, I knew there was something miraculous happening because clients would feel better and I could feel the blocked energy moving and shifting out of their bodies. For a time, I thought I had to rely on others to help me heal as well but I realized that we all have the ability to heal ourselves. We just need to have faith in ourselves to begin. I have complete faith in myself for the first time in my life and I feel empowered. Yes I still call on the help of others and appreciate their gifts and talents to help me heal my mind and body but I follow my intuition instead of desperately seeking help. Currently I am seeing a Naturopathic Physician and just finished a natural liver detox. It has made such a difference and I feel stronger and more balanced. For the past 3 years I would feel sluggish around my menstrual cycle and I actually have more energy than ever. Intuitively I felt I needed to do a liver detox for about 2 years now so I am glad to find someone who could help support me through more of a natural detox for my liver. As I follow my inner guidance healers/teachers show up in my life at just the right time.

You have the ability to heal yourself. If you are willing, be open to see the healers and teachers that are all around you. Perhaps you have been thinking of acupuncture, Naturopathic medicine, energetic healing touch or Yoga Therapy.

Follow your intuition and you will find a path to help you heal your mind, body and soul.

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