Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Still out here spreading the word. I am now on twitter and you can follow me at www.twitter.com/fertilityyoga

It is a great tool to help me spread the word about fertility and alternative ways to enhance conception. I have met some wonderful new individuals and found some great new resources.

As I reach out and build a community of support for women and couples all over the world I am determined to be your voice. Perhaps one day you will speak about your own fertility journey, until then, I will speak about mine.

I will invite you to find gratitude today. Reflect on all that you are grateful for. The moon, a friend or a sunflower. Whatever you find allow yourself the feel the gratitude in your body. Bring the feeling of it deep down into your body and let it fill you up. Feel the warmth of this positive emotion all through your body deep down into your cells.

I am feeling deeply grateful today. I remember a time when it was impossible to feel anything but sadness and grief. I know that anyone can change their life experience. Even in the darkest times there is still a light within everyone that continues to burn. Gratitude can be a tool to help brighten that light.

I invite you to feel gratitude today as much as you can. Whenever you have a negative thought, acknowledge it, accept it, ask for healing around it and release it to the universe. Replace it with gratitude.

I believe in YOU! I have complete FAITH in YOU and for that I am deeply grateful.
Namaste, Sue

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