Monday, April 27, 2009

Ready to take a Fertility Enhancing Challenge?

I just came back from Calgary and it was an incredible time. I feel so blessed and deeply grateful to be able to share my experience with others to help them heal and find peace. I realize that in helping others find peace on their fertility journey they begin to transform their experience of everything that occurs around them. In finding peace many of them become pregnant with what seems like less effort.

If you were to find this deep sense of peace I am speaking about you would regain a sense of control through learning to trust yourself. In a place of peace and knowing, you don't take things personally, you can make informed decisions without doubting yourself and you can live your life day to day without feeling like you are losing your mind.

So how to you do it?

You use highly effective tools that will help you:
-identify emotions through awareness, acceptance and action ~ allowing you to find relief quickly
-learn to identify and change limiting thoughts and beliefs
-recognize and dissolve fear and doubt ~ subconscious fear can be an obstacle (eg. fear of pregnancy or childbirth)
-make positive lifestyle changes that will decrease stress and anxiety and increase self esteem and confidence
-easily shift from chaos to peace utilizing voice guided meditations and deep relaxation exercises
-make healthy food choices that will enhance your chances of conceiving

If this all sounds like something you would like to do then stay tuned to my blog for more information. You might even want to become a follower so you are sent a notice when I add a post in my blog.

Together we will support each other through all these changes. While many of the tools I share will be simple they are often challenging to begin using. I will be here for you and doing it with you all the way.

Watch for more details! Coming soon!


Tammy said...

Wow, Sue, such a wonderful list! I look forward to seeing more. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, sounds great! I'd be particularly interested to have tools/ideas about how to transform core beliefs. i.e. I have identified 2 core fears in relation to my fertility journey - but how do I take the next step to transform these beliefs in a way that delves below the surface/gets to the core?
Any ideas/practices would be great and most appreciated. Thanks!