Friday, October 2, 2009

I can't find my uterus!

About 3 weeks ago I felt my right hip start to get tight and sore. For me that is usually an indication that my uterus has shifted to the left. Normally the uterus would spoon the bladder in the middle. When my uterus shifts to the left it creates a fascial pull (fascia is connective tissue - kind of like skin around the muscles and organs) that causes a chain reaction in my right hip which leads to pain and discomfort. When I went to palpate for the base of my uterus on the left I couldn't find it. It was no where to be found. At first I was confused until I realized it had actually fallen or flipped back toward my spine.

I tried hanging upside down on my yoga wall, self belly massage and different yoga poses. Nothing was working and my body was getting more and more uncomfortable. I started to feel pain in the front of my neck muscles, compression of my wrist and ankles. It was like everything was being squished causing compression and pain in all my joints.

I finally decided to book a massage appointment. I was so grateful to hear that my massage therapist just completed a visceral course. He learned how to move the organs and release fascial tension in the abdomen. Immediately after he moved my uterus back to the center I felt relief in my entire body. It was like I could breath again. I walked out feeling like myself again without any pain or discomfort.

I am sharing this to help you understand that there is so much more to our bodies than we realize. I am very body aware. I can sense when things aren't quite right but I wasn't always that way. I have learned so much through my yoga practice and mindfulness meditations that I hear, sense, feel and know things about my body that I never would have noticed before.

Our bodies are constantly talking to us and if we stop and listen it can direct us on how to heal. Whether we do something ourselves or seek the help of another it is more about listening to our body's need versus desperately looking for help. When we act out of desperation we tend to find temporary relief almost like putting bandage on our wounds when what we really need is a splint.

I encourage you find stillness and look within. What is your pain really telling you? Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. Gentle scan your body for areas of discomfort. Be curious and resist the tendency to judge. Be willing to look at the layers of discomfort. Follow your inner guidance for your path to heal. Our body is constantly moving toward balance and health and if you listen deeply to your body you will get there sooner.

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