Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Deep Desire Poem

I thought I would share a poem to help you understand my fertility journey a bit. I recently videotaped my personal fertility story which will be available to watch online soon. In the meantime this poem shows where I was and where I have come. Hugs!

This Deep Desire
By: Sue Dumais

There is nothing else that will make me happy
There is nothing that compares
This deep desire to have a baby
Is my only care

I will do anything and everything
To make my dream come true
Diet, herbs and exercise
There’s nothing I won’t do

My journey through fertility
Becomes heavier every day
I hope this nightmare has an end
Please make it go away

All I want is to have a baby
A child to call my own
I am done with fear and with doubt
I don’t want to feel alone

As I look deep down inside myself
I realize I have known
All the answers that I seek
Are within a place called home

This place inside me is all I need
To regain my sense of hope
Inner wisdom, trust and faith
Are there to help me cope

As I step back into my sense of self
I know I will be ok
The choices I make are empowering now
And at home is where I’ll stay

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