Sunday, November 29, 2009

I will keep your heart with mine

I wanted to share this song with you. I have listened to it many many times and have even played it in my Yoga for Fertility classes. The words "I will keep you heart with mine until you come to me" inspires me and other women to invite their baby-to-be into their heart. The heart is the first womb. Our desire to become a Mother, our desire to have a baby begins within our heart. The desire grows stronger as we align our thoughts, emotions and actions to find the path we need to follow in order to bring our babies home into our arms. Some babies will come through us in the way of a pregnancy, others will be born in our hearts through adoption. Whatever path you take, You will be a Mother! I hope this song will help you realize that. Listen with the intention of forming a connection with the baby that is meant to come to you. Invite your baby into your heart and your life!

Click here to listen.


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sunnymama said...

This is beautiful. Thank you :)