Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Note to God

I just watched a performance by Charice singing "A Note to God" on Oprah. It was inspiring and moving. Click here to watch it.

As we go through life there will always be challenges or bumps on the road. A life challenge like fertility can feel crippling and isolating as the months and years pass. What if you could change your experience of your fertility? What if your life didn't have to be so hard?

Every day we have the ability to choose. In every situation we face everything boils down to one choice - Love or Fear. Fear is often disguised as doubt, worry, anger or confusion. It is our Fear that cripples us. It is the voice of Fear that holds us back from seeing another perspective. It is our Fear that keeps us from living and experiencing our full potential. Fear can also be sneaky and when you follow the path of Fear, you will find more pain, confusion and unhappiness.

Begin to listen to the voice of Love. It is a gentle, encouraging voice saying "come this way". When you choose Love even when you don't understand (logical mind) you will follow that loving voice of your soul, God, the universe, your inner guidance (whatever word makes sense for you) and it will lead you to everything you desire including your baby to be.

When faced with your next decision, take a moment to reflect, then ask yourself "Am I choosing Love or Fear?" Neither is right or wrong. There are lessons on both paths. I encourage you to choose Love as often as you can. You deserve to experience a life filled with love and trust. In fact, it is your true essence. Each time you purposefully choose Love, you come back home to SELF. Welcome home!

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