Friday, February 3, 2012

Stop Trying, Start Inviting

Has anyone ever told you that you just need to "stop trying" and then you will conceive? While for some women that feels like a thorn, there is some truth to it. So how to you stop trying?

Join Sue Dumais as she explores this concept. This episode will inspire you to see a new perspective that will leave you with HOPE in your heart and an empowered mindset.

Click here to listen to this Redefining Fertility Radio Show hosted on The WIN ~ Women's Information Network


Chrissy said...

My husband and I listened to this show episode together and both were really touched. It made a positive impact on both of us on our fertility journey. Thank you.

Sue Dumais said...

You are welcome Chrissy! I am so glad you found the episode helpful for you and your husband. I hope more episodes will continue to have a positive impact on your journey. Hugs, Sue