Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Showers - To Go or No Show

Fertility challenges can impact every area of your life. A common social challenge is deciding whether to attend a baby shower or not. Listen to this Redefining Fertility radio show episode where I talk about my experience with baby showers and birth announcements as well as the common concerns clients have about how to handle social events.

Redefining Fertility Radio Show is hosted by the WIN - Women's Information Network
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Anonymous said...

Great show Sue~ it is so great to hear you on a radio forum! This is such an important topic to open a space/voice too. I know in my tougher times I have struggled with these experiences and felt down that "everyone else" seems easily able to get pregnant and have a healthy child, while I'm in a state of unfulfilled desire. It can also be a hard topic to talk about with others, even with supportive people in life. I really appreciate your honesty, courage and openness in sharing your experience and perspective. And what an amazing poem you shared! Many thanks!

Sue Dumais said...

thank you so much for sharing your comment with me. I trust that my blog and radio show are having an impact but it is comments like yours that inspires me to continue to stand up for the fertility community. I appreciate you! Hugs~