Thursday, June 17, 2010

Redefining Fertility Radio Show with Sue Dumais

Fertility is very misunderstood and negatively portrayed in media today. Many women deal with this deeply emotional life experience in isolation because people in their life just “don’t get it”. I am passionate about creating awareness and educating others about fertility so that women and couples all over the world can find the support they so desperately seek. It is time to start a global conversation to help redefine fertility and empower women through this challenging life experience.

I want every woman who is struggling to conceive to realize that they are not alone and that their fertility does not have to define who they are. In fact, by redefining fertility you can transform your experience of it all together. Imagine moving from a place of confusion and desperation to a place of empowerment, HOPE and FAITH. I want you to feel inspired to live each day without putting your life on hold. I will help you discover limiting thoughts and beliefs that may be interfering with your ability to conceive and you will learn simple and effective mind body tools to help you transform your fertility journey. You can be a Mother! I believe in you, and I will help you believe in your Self.

Sue Dumais' Redefining Fertility
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all this work you are doing. Your voice has become a sanctuary to me in times of stress and uncertainty.

Sue Dumais said...

You are welcome! I am honoured to be a positive influence on your journey. I would encourage you to recognize your courage to reach out for support in times of need. I am glad I could be there for you during those times. Hugs, Sue