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Emotional Awareness, Healing & Mothering Self on your Fertility Journey

I am honoured to share my heart once again at the Fertility Focus Telesummit hosted by Sarah Holland. This is my favourite fertility event of the year. I have copied a recent interview to give you a summary of what you can expect from my workshop and links to register to secure your spot. Plus I am offering a live Spirit Baby Meditation as part of the telesummit bonus gift. So that means two live events with me. I look forward to "seeing" you on the live workshop on Monday March 9th!
Heart hugs, Sue xo
From Sarah Holland:
This first workshop at the Fertility Focus Telesummit is lead by Sue Dumais, a regular and very popular speaker at the Fertility Focus Telesummit. Her gentle, intuitive approach has been a delight to listen to for the past 5 years, and now I’m thrilled that she has agreed to share much more of her wisdom in a LIVE workshop with us!
A little bit about Sue:
Sue Dumais is a Heart Led Living Coach, best selling author, international speaker, Fertility Yoga specialist and intuitive healer who helps others see the invisible, feel the intangible and do the impossible. A true pioneer in the field of fertility, Sue developed the first Fitness Fertility Certification and an international Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course and authored A Strong Core for Life and the Yoga for Fertility Handbook. Sue’s new book “Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work” inspires others to awaken their innate ability to heal and to trust their intuition as they lead with their heart and discover their “YES!” for life.
LIVE workshop: Emotional Awareness, Healing and Mothering Self
Monday, 9th March at 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 8pm UK time within the Fertility Focus Telesummit
In this 90 minute workshop you will:
  • Learn how to increase your emotional awareness as you practice effective techniques that will help you process feelings of doubt, confusion, fear and jealousy.
  • Learn to awaken your innate ability to heal all blocks and obstacles on your fertility path creating a more direct route to your baby to be.
  • Learn how to tap into your intuition and trust you internal guidance system as you make decisions around your health and fertility options.
  • Learn unique self care tips as you learn to mother your Self and find meaning and discover a deep sense of peace on your fertility journey.
Sign up for access here: and then a GOLDEN TICKET is required to attend this workshop and also receive the recording. The upgrade option is available as soon as you have registered your free place.
I asked Sue to share more with us about her workshop…
Sarah: How did you choose the topic of your LIVE workshop at the Fertility Focus Telesummit?
Sue: My soul purpose in life is to inspire and empower healing in self and others. Everything I do is because I am passionate about helping others see their blocks, heal deeply, realize their truth and give birth to their dreams. When it comes to fertility I know first hand how much of an emotional ride every cycle can be. Emotional awareness is the first key to transforming life’s challenges leaving us with a powerful choice to heal. While I understand the deep desire to become a Mother I have also learned that learning to mother self is essential. You cannot give from an empty heart. When we love ourselves as much as we would love our own child it is the greatest gift we can offer. Not only does it feed our soul but it will teach our children, by example, the importance of self love and compassion.
Sarah: Why should listeners clear their diary on the date of your workshop and join you live?
Sue: As an intuitive healer I will be reading into the energy of the audience and providing specific tools and healing to those that have signed up for the summit. As part of my workshop I will be offering intuitive readings to some of the participants and answering specific questions from those individuals that are live on the call. If you have never been on a live call with me you are in for a real treat. It is very powerful and moving experience. One that most have difficulty capturing in words. You really need to feel it for yourself.
Sarah: What can they expect to leave with at the end of your workshop?
Sue: I will share as much as I can in the time we have together and I know everyone will leave with exactly what they need to support them emotionally, mentally and energetically. Everyone will leave with specific tools to help them process their emotions in the moment they arise as well as new ideas for vibrant self care. We cannot heal what we are blind to. My intention is to shine light on everything that is no longer serving so we can heal as deeply as possible in the shortest amount of time.
Sarah: Do you have anything else you would like to share with the Fertility Focus Telesummit listeners?
Sue: Be open to anything, be attached to nothing and expect miracles. Some things cannot be explained by science they need to be experienced, felt and understood on a deeper level that goes beyond our thinking mind. When we learn to align our mind with our heart and let our heart lead the way….miracles are the only side effect.
You can register for the Fertility Focus Telesummit, and Sue’s workshop with the GOLDEN TICKET upgrade at

Here’s what previous attendees said about the Fertility Focus Telesummit:

“I just wanted to let you know that the Fertility Focus Telesummit in 2014 really was the key to me finding the missing piece of our jigsaw! You all had a huge impact on my journey and I'm now expecting our first baby. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work of giving hope and inspiring women to take back control in what can sometimes seem like a helpless and very lonely situation.” - A

"Well I followed some of the advice given from the last telesummit and am now pregnant!  I'm in my second trimester! So happy to have had a chance to listen to the telesummit. Thanks for offering it!" – Heather

“I was told at age 41 that my eggs were too old and IVF was the only way. When IVF failed something inside me was adamant that was not the way. Your Telesummit last year opened my viewpoint completely and  through listening in and then following some of your speakers’ advice I became pregnant! Thank you so much Sarah for bringing me to a journey of discovery, acceptance, hope and joy.” - Roisin

"I was amazed by the amount of information shared in each of these sessions. I went from feeling hopeless to hopeful - how priceless is that! My impression was that there was a deep honoring of the many ways that woman journey through fertility and the lack of judgment towards how one does the journey was greatly appreciated." – Anonymous

“The telesummit was so inspirational, it's brought back hope that I lost when I went through an unsuccessful IVF cycle last summer. Thank you so so much!!” - Anonymous

Be sure to sign up here for your FREE place at this event by clicking here.
This could be the best thing you do this year for you and your fertility.

Heart hugs,

Sue Dumais

P.S. Remember it all starts on 8th March so there’s not long to secure your place. Visit to sign up now.

P.P.S. Do you know anyone else who is struggling with fertility issues?  Please pass this email on to them and I’m sure they’ll thank you.   

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