Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yoga for Fertility CAN Help You Conceive Your Dream

Are you or someone you know trying to get pregnant?

Do you want to know how yoga can help improve a woman's chance of conceiving?

Are you interested in learning which poses help with fertility and which poses can potentially harm reproductive health?

Research has shown that reducing stress and practicing deep relaxation using yoga and meditation can increase your chances of conceiving. This specific fertility practice uses effective meditations and fertility yoga poses to help calm anxiety, let go of negative thinking and increase circulation to the pelvis and reproductive organs.

Sue has a gentle yet powerful way of helping couples transform their experience of fertility. Feel inspire and empowered as you walk away with the tools you need to prepare your mind, body and spirit for conception.

You will learn:
~ effective mind body tools to reduce stress and anxiety and improve reproductive health
~ what yoga poses can be helpful and which ones can be harmful during conception
~ how to transform negative thoughts and create a solution oriented mindset
~ the benefits of meditation and how to begin a daily practice
~ how to find a Fertility Yoga class in your area
~ how to begin a Fertility Yoga practice at home 
~ about the International Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Program

Click here to watch Sue Dumais' recorded webinar from Canadian Infertility Awareness Week
(Note: you need flash player to watch this webinar)

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