Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is it Going to Take?

What are you willing to do to get pregnant/to have a baby? How many more things will you "try" before you hit the wall of surrender? What is it going to take for you to take charge of your own health?

When I first started "trying" to conceive I was coming from a place of desperation. I had recovered physically from my miscarriage and my only focus was to get pregnant again. I was willing to do anything and everything.

Stand on my head ~ ok
Relax, get drunk and it will happen ~ tried it - didn't work!
Take your temperature and chart it each morning at 6am ~ yep
Elevate my pelvis after intercourse ~ every time!
Stop eating sugar ~ difficult but did it
No more alcohol ~ yes well worth it
Acunpuncture ~ weekly
Yoga and meditation ~ daily
Yucky tasting herbs ~ all I can say is YES but YUCK
Highest Quality Supplements ~ improved my health and reduced my symptoms dramatically

I was willing and committed to doing whatever I needed to do to get pregnant. My desire to have a baby was so intensely strong that nothing was going to stand in my way. Two years later I conceived my son and all the positive changes I made contributed to a healthy pregnancy and baby. After he was born we were open to conceive another. This time I wasn't willing to go through the chaos and ride the emotional roller coaster ride once again. I didn't want to desperately try everything. There had to be another way.

I started to reflect on the following questions:
Why was I willing to make all these positive lifestyle changes to get pregnant but not for me?
Why was a baby worth it but I wasn't?
Why was I committed to doing whatever I needed to in order to conceive but I wasn't willing to make those changes for my own health and wholeness?

I learned in the last 7 years working with my fertility clients through yoga therapy, support groups and Fertility Yoga classes that learning to Mother Self is the greatest gift you can give your child. If you were willing to do whatever it takes to be your healthiest self before pregnancy, before your baby arrived in your arms that would be the greatest gift you could ever give your child and yourself. Not only will it contribute to a healthier pregnancy, baby and lifestyle it will also help you teach your child self love.

Your child will learn from your actions not your words. If you are showing them by example that self care is essential they will learn love and respect for self. If you recognize that filling your cup first and giving from the overflow is the key to be able to continue to give and give and give without feeling depleted and hitting the brick wall, they will understand the importance of self love and self care.

What is it going to take for you to focus on your health and well-being? Instead of allowing the thoughts of fear, stress and worry consume you and interfere with your ability to create fertile soil for conception, focus on being your healthiest self. Maybe you will begin by making positive changes for your baby to be and hopefully you can shift it to making healthy choices because YOU are worth it. You deserve to feel good inside and out! You are worthy of health and wholeness! You can be a light of health for everyone around you! You can do it! All it takes is a willingness to make one small change for YOU.

What is it going to take? Fertility, Cancer, Diabetes or another health challenge? What if your fertility challenges was a sign post to wake you up? What if it was placed on your path to turn your focus inward and begin a journey of self discovery like mine was? What if it was designed to help you awaken the healthiest YOU and teach you to Mother Self so you can be a more grounded, centered and present as a parent?

Something to consider...

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